Timex Expedition Watch Review

Timex Expedition Watch ReviewI am not a big watch fan and for me any ordinary watch would do. But when I lost my watch and wanted to buy a new one, I stumbled across the Timex Expedition edition online. What attracted me to this watch was not only the simple yet elegant looks but also that it is... Read More »

Forget Apple, this might be the new future phone PhoneBloks

Ever wanted a phone with your choice of features, which would run a battery of your choice, your camera, your operating system and if it broke would be easy to fix then you have to watch the video below.   PhoneBloks is the new super phone.   The best part about such a phone is... Read More »

Top 5 ways to make money via your Smartphone.

Top 5 ways to make money via your Smartphone. Developing Mobile Apps Developing applications for your android, apple or windows phone is the best way to may money from your phone. You can use applications like aide to start developing from your phone itself and you do not need any coding experience either. Check the... Read More »

How to get 22GB free online Storage from Copydotcom

Copy.com is Giving away 15GB of free online storage space, But you can get 22GB. They have a referral offer where everyone you refer gives you 5GB extra as well as the person your refer, plus 2GB extra for twitting. So what you need to do Go through the referral link here Sign up with... Read More »

How to Install Nginx and PHP-FPM for WordPress via yum

This Configuration is for CentOS 6, it should also work on Centos 5 although I have not tried it. This guide is for those who have basic linux command line knowledge. I use atomic repo, as they have the latest updates, you can use epel, the choice is yours. But if there is any vulnerability... Read More »

How cheap web hosting is really expensive.

Before you buy a cheap product or service, ask your self one question Why is it cheap ? If you have a budget to run a website, then they have a budget to run a business, And if they are not making a profit they cannot run the business. So why or How can anyone... Read More »

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