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How to Install Nginx and PHP-FPM for WordPress via yum

This Configuration is for CentOS 6, it should also work on Centos 5 although I have not tried it. This guide is for those who have basic linux command line knowledge. I use atomic repo, as they have the latest updates, you can use epel, the choice is yours. But if there is any vulnerability... Read More »

How cheap web hosting is really expensive.

Before you buy a cheap product or service, ask your self one question Why is it cheap ? If you have a budget to run a website, then they have a budget to run a business, And if they are not making a profit they cannot run the business. So why or How can anyone... Read More »

Cheap VPS Hosting with reliable support

Cheap VPS Hosting with reliable supportFor years I have struggled to find a Linux vps host, who is not to heavy on the pocket, and reliable as well. It was during this search that a friend recommended SupportInc.net. Now I would have not found SupportInc.Net had a I done a Google search for cheap vps hosting or Best wordpress hosting... Read More »

The Secret to Increasing Traffic to your Blog – http://womenstoolbox.com

Let’s think about why we blog. More readers = more traffic More traffic = more leads More leads = more sales Makes sense right…but the math doesn’t work for your own blog because the people who are on your site reading your blog already know about your services and when they need you, they will... Read More »

How to make a website for free

How to make a website for free Wanna startup online don’t know how? Don’t wanna invest till you wanna try something out? No problem, Now you can make a website for free with Google. Yes this is Google so no need to worry about whats the catch, I have tried it and have got websites... Read More »

25% Discount on Unlimited Mutli-domain Web Hosting Plan

Bigrock is offering a 25 % Discount on Unlimited Multi-domain Web Hosting Plan.  You can use below offer code on their website bigrock.in to take advantage of the Discount. This Discount is on offer due to the the DIwali festive season in India. Coupon code BIGDIWALI Below are their Plans Starts from Rs. 239.00 Rs.... Read More »

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