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How cheap web hosting is really expensive.

Before you buy a cheap product or service, ask your self one question Why is it cheap ? If you have a budget to run a website, then they have a budget to run a business, And if they are not making a profit they cannot run the business. So why or How can anyone... Read More »

Cheap VPS Hosting with reliable support

Cheap VPS Hosting with reliable supportFor years I have struggled to find a Linux vps host, who is not to heavy on the pocket, and reliable as well. It was during this search that a friend recommended SupportInc.net. Now I would have not found SupportInc.Net had a I done a Google search for cheap vps hosting or Best wordpress hosting... Read More »

How to register free websites with Google

     Google is offering free websites for a year for businesses in India. All you need to have is a Valid PAN card and you can follow a 3 step process to register your website.The first step in to select your domain name. The second steps is to provide your details like your name,... Read More »

How to make a website for free

How to make a website for free Wanna startup online don’t know how? Don’t wanna invest till you wanna try something out? No problem, Now you can make a website for free with Google. Yes this is Google so no need to worry about whats the catch, I have tried it and have got websites... Read More »

Hey you can now register your domain for 99 cents only

Hey guys, If any of you are interested in registering a .com domain then you can do it for 99 cents check the link below. domain registration and web hosting almost for free They also offer web hosting for 6 months for... Read More »

Register your www domainname com and web hosting for free

Well almost, but 1and1.com is offering .com domains for 99 cent for the first year if you register Now. Not only that but you can also get hosting for the first 6 months for free. I contacted their sales team to check if there is any catch on the domain registration offer and they said... Read More »

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

There are presently many web hosting deals in the market. It is therefore very important to understand the various factors affecting the price of these hosting packages in order to choose the right deal for yourself. Below are 5 key factors which you should consider: 1. Space – How much disk space do you need?... Read More »

Tracking your email

Ever wanted to know whether the email you sent was delivered? Follow the steps below to track your email 1)Goto mailtracking.com and sign up with the email address you want to send mails from. 2) Once signed up add ‘.mailtracking.com’ to every email you send for example: test@test.com.mailtracking.com 3)Once the mail is sent log in... Read More »

Why do I see “Warning! This site may harm your computer” or “Reported attack site!” when I try to visit a website?

Ever wonder why you see “Warning! This site may harm your computer” or “Reported attack site!” on Firefox. Well I was reading a couple of articles and finally figured out how Google determines this. Google, which is a StopBadware.com partner, developed a system for automatically identifying many of these badware sites, and they worked with... Read More »

Hosting a website

So you wanna start your own website, don’t know where to start well let me explain Step 1) check if your domain is available at http://dns.techarena51.com Step 2) Register your domain with a registrar or reseller. step 3) Purchase Hosting and email for your website Step4) Either take the help of a professional web designer... Read More »

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