Top 25 most used passwords

The below is a list compiled by  SplashData of the top 25 most used passwords in the world.

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Google Dorks to find free .pdf, .mp3, .avi and other files

Google logo with itunes logo instead of o lettersGoogle Dorks are the most popular way to find files on websites for free.

In most cases, these files are not only .html files. I’ve alredy found many websites displaying images, .pdf files, .mp3 files and even video files. Here, you can find a way to use Google to get only these type of websites in your results.

Now imagine that you are searching for eBooks (in pdf format of course). To retrieve only these types of websites in your search results simply go to Google and type:

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Airtel Broadband 150GB at 2mbps

Well Airtel  Broadband does not have any unlimited plans but the max plan I could find was 150GB for 2mbs which seems quite reasonable.

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Unlimited Downloads at 3G speeds

Mtnl is offering 3G unlimited services for rs 4500 for 6months. Their speeds are good but as usual their customer service is poor.

None the less below is their Tariff

In order to connect on linux  go here

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Wired Network Device not managed Ubuntu 11.04

This is a common problem in Ubuntu 11.04, I tried to connect via a wired cable and was stunned to find that there was no auto Etho :-)

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