Yum package manger Useful command options

# yum check-update
This allows you to check to see if there is any update available for your installed packages.

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Fedora Things to do after install

Now you have installed fedora, what next?
Well you can install the below packages to make more interesting and fun.

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Tracking your email

Ever wanted to know whether the email you sent was delivered?

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Why do I see “Warning! This site may harm your computer” or “Reported attack site!” when I try to visit a website?

Ever wonder why you see “Warning! This site may harm your computer” or “Reported attack site!” on Firefox.

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The name resolution process

Now our application is presented with www.cranzgot.co.za. The following sequence of lookups takes place to resolve this name into an IP address. This procedure is called host name resolution and the algorithm that performs this operation is called the resolver.

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