A simple way to install and configure puppet on CentOS 6

Puppet is an automation tool which allows you to automate the configuration of software like apache and nginx across multiple servers.

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A beginner's guide to bash scripting

A Brief Introduction
Bash or Bourne again shell is a replacement to the original unix shell written by Stephen Bourne at Bell Labs.

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A hitchhikers guide to troubleshooting linux memory usage

Linux memory management has always intrigued me. While learning Linux, many concepts are confusing at first, but after a lot of reading, googling, understanding and determination, I learned that the kernel is not only efficient at memory
management but also on par with artificial intelligence in making memory distribution decisions..

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How to install Monit and monitor the performance of your linux server

Monit and Config Server Firewall (CSF) are both simple and easy to use software for linux vps servers.
Monit not only sends you, email and jabber alerts but also provides you with a web interface from which you can store and graphically represent your data.

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How to convert your Raspberry Pi into a NAS shared drive using samba share

For those of you who do not know, The Raspberry Pi is a small computer the size of a credit card, good for hobbyist and geeks.

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