Strontium vs Sandisk Class 10 microsd card review

What's an Android phone without a Memory Card ?   If you are like me a tech freak and the simple 4Gb inbuilt memory won't do for you then this review is for you.

I decided to Buy a Strontium 16gb class 10 mircosd card for my Xolo q800 as I wanted to run apps on it and anything less than class 10
would slow down the speed, For those who do not know what class 10 is then it means  that  the card supports 10 MB/s as a minimum write speed

Strontium is an Australian company and currently sells products through eCommerce sites at a cheaper rate atleast as compared to Sandisk.

Strotium 16 GB class 10 price Strontium 16 GB class 10

stromium 16 gb class 10 strontium 16 gb class 10 review

The Speed tests results below are from Antutu and SD tools, The comparision is against Sandisk Mobile ultra 16 Gb class 10.

SD tools

Strotium 16 GB class 10 sd tools Strontium 16 GB class 10

Sandisk class 10 16 gb mircosd Sandisk class 10 16 gb

Antutu Score

Sandisk class 10 16 gb Sandisk class 10 16 gb

Strotium class 10 16Gb

Strontium class 10 16Gb

As you can see there is not much difference in SD tools but Antutu shows the vast difference, Sandisk gives you  a 5 year warranty whereas strontium gives you a lifetime warranty.

So why did I buy strontium because of the price :)

Sandisk Class 10 costs Rs 910 check here  whereas Strontium Class 10 Costs rs 725 check here

Prices are from Flipkart, you might find it cheaper from other places, but Flipkarts service is the best :)

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Update : Amazon has started it' services in India and you get an 16gb strotium for RS 649, check it out at
Strontium 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card (Class 6)




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