Xolo q800 FAQ

Hey,Since My review about the phone, I have got a lot of queries So I have decided to make an FAQ list which should answer most of your q's.

Here Goes

1) Does xolo q800 support Wifi Hotspot.

Yes it does, check the end of the post herefor pic and instructions

2)What's the Internal Memory?

4GB and 2.7 available

3) What's the antutu and Quandrant Score?

Check the review post here

4) Is rooting possible?

Update  root is now possible check http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=39393136#post39393136

5) Is it Dual Sim active or standby?

It's dual sim standby

6) Should I go for Micromax HD or Xolo q800 ?

First read the xolo q800 reviews here and
Now read the micromax a116 hd reviews on gsmarena.

The decisions is yours, but let me tell you why I bought it.
Specs-  Xolo q800 has the same specs, So no Doubt here.
Price- Xolo is cheaper again no doubt here either.
Display-Mircomax a116 has a bigger display, so if this makes a big diff to you then go for it, for me hd display which is not to heavy on the battery was important hence I went with Xolo, The qhd display is awesome
Delivery Time : I wanted the phone asap Micromax a116 has a wait time of 20 to 25 days. Xolo wins here again.
After Sales service : Xolo provides android updates as well as door to door service so it wins here too :)
Built Quality: If you check my video here you will see that the built quality of the Xolo q800 is good and sturdy whereas micromax built quality is poor ( I know I had a micromax a110) So Xolo wins again.

After considering these points it was easy to make my decision :)

7) How is the Battery Life ?

I play music and games as well as use apps at the same time, yes I am a heavy user and so far the battery hasn't gone out, after charging for a couple of hours, if you use it as much as I do then the charge will last for a day.

8)What about Gaming?
Playes games without any lags and has good graphics as well check the FB fan page here for more details on high resource games

9) Does it support OTG?
Unfortunately, It does not

10) Can apps be installed on an External SD card?
yes, Goto--storage-preferred install location

11) How about the Camera? Does it Do HD recording?
The 8meg camera does more than a decent job of clicking pics, check the pics here  and on the FB fan page here. It does HD recording and you can zoom in n out while recording.

12) How to take a screen shot?
Press Volume down key and power key on the side at the same time

13) How to switch to the  Recovery Mode? or How do I access the BootLoader Menu?

Do this only if you know what you are doing at your own risk

Switch off the phone, then press volume down and power key simultaneously, you need to then press the power key again when warning sign comes up

15) The phone is said to have Magnetometer, so did you tried using a Digital Compass? If yes then is it working?
Yes digital compass works

16)What about video calling?

Yes Xolo supports video calling both 3g and skype

Update: Xolo q800 has it's own forums at  http://xoloforums.crazyfreakgamers.com/

It's in stock again  at Flipkart.com so buy it quick before it goes out of stock.

If you have more questions please include them in the comment section.

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