Cheap VPS Hosting with reliable support

Cheap VPS Hosting with reliable support

For years I have struggled to find a Linux vps host, who is not to heavy on the pocket, and reliable as well. It was during this search that a friend recommended

Now I would have not found SupportInc.Net had a I done a Google search for cheap vps hosting or Best wordpress hosting and I have tried all the other hosts like Godaddy, Hostgator and free hosting as well but so far I find SupportInc.Net the cheapest wordpress hosting with reliable support.

So what makes SupportInc.Net Cheap and Reliable?

Lets look at their plans

Cheap VPS Hosting Comparision of 1GB plans

SupportInc.Net VPS
1.17GHz CPU
30GB Disk Space
600GB Monthly Bandwidth
Order Link.

Chicago VPS
1GB memory
20GB disk space
1500GB bandwidth
1 x IPv4
IPv6 coming soon
OpenVZ / SolusVM
Location : Chicago, IL

Hosgator VPS
CPU 1.98 GHZ
RAM 1344 MB
Disk Space 59 GB
Bandwidth 1050 GB
Price $69.95
Location :

Pingdom Uptime Report

Cheap VPS hosting

Cheap VPS hosting

Now I know that most bloggers look to earn money via ads, and if you are a blogger starting out or looking to make money via your first blog, then believe me you need to keep your hosting costs down.

Initially, it will take you a couple of months atleast to break even and hence you need to keep costs down and your site up.

Now with regards to stability and support,

My site has only been down once in 3months and I got a response quick on the ticket regarding the
same, In fact if you follow them on twitter, they are quick to update you with regards to the problem and solution.

Being from a support background myself, the most frustrating part of your site being down is not getting any update from support.

Now you may ask why VPS, why not Shared Hosting?

Well let me put it this way, the main drawback of shared hosting is restrictions on memory, cpu, etc. If you are serious about making money from your site then I would recommend that you go for SupportInc , As in order to make money from ads or adsense you would need a huge amount of traffic, hence a vps is perfect. Plus you do not wanna go through the Nightmare of migrating your blog from a shared hosting server.

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If you are on a tighter budget then you can go for shared hosting

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