How to make a website for free

How to make a website for free

Wanna startup online don’t know how?
Don’t wanna invest till you wanna try something out?

No problem, Now you can make a website for free with Google. Yes this is Google so no need to worry about whats the catch, I have tried it and have got websites for me and my family check out


What do you get?

A free domain name , free web hosting as well as Rs 2500 worth google adwords to promote your site or business online.

What you need?

All you need to have is a Valid PAN card and you can follow a 3 step process to register your website.

  • The first step in to select your domain name.
  • The second steps is to provide your details like your name, PAN card number ,address, email address, password etc.
  • The third step is to design your website.

Where is the free web Hosting?

The hosting is with hostgator and I have tried their support, well they are ok not the best but lets see how it goes. You can change after 60 days if you not satisfied.

Currently this option is only available to citizens of India and the domains offered is .in domains.

How to get started with your free domain and website?

The video below should pretty much give you an idea

For more information, you can always check out the FAQ and Tips and Tools Pages of India Get Online. Or you can always Contact HostGator India for information at 1-800-266-3000 or via Email:
A free website can definitely boost sales and help you get started online as well.

Log in at to avail this offer

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