Sony hires Supermodel to show off waterproof Xperia Z smartphone

Hell Ya this is how you sell a phone at retail

The Czechs know how to launch the Sony Xperia Z. The T-Mobile CZ store in Prague marketed the handset with a swimsuit model in a specially built shower inside the store. As you can tell from the pictures, the promotion drew quite a crowd.
We imagine most came to marvel at the water resistant qualities of the Xperia Z rather than ogling at the model. To avoid being accused of sexism, a male model was also present. He can’t have been around for very long though judging by the high proportion of men in the crowd. 

The ladies were catered for too!

Most likely the crowd was there to see the impressive phone and how waterproof it was, and not for the models. To be fair the folks from Sony and T-Mobile also had a guy in there testing the new device. 
What a way to sell the phone, I am sure many handsets were sold, When will this happen in India
[Source: xperiablog]

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