Top 5 ways to make money via your Smartphone.

Top 5 ways to make money via your Smartphone.
Developing Mobile Apps

Developing applications for your android, apple or windows phone is the best way to may money from your phone.
You can use applications like aide to start developing from your phone itself and you do not need any coding experience either.

Check the windows app contest here and here

Make money from your phone

Make money from your phone


Blog about your phone, pictures, videos or even travelling all through your phone. You can earn money from ads via adsense all through your Smartphone.

Pics & Videos
Good at taking videos or photographs?, Then you can enter youtube and phone video contest and win prizes.

Here is the Nokia Lumia Contest where you can win a Nokia Lumia 1020 phone as well as 1000$ in cash

Viggle is an app which pays you to watch videos, No Jokes check it out.
Viggle Gives you points fo watching TV
You can redeem those Viggle points for really great stuff in their rewards catalog.
You can choose from brands like Starbucks, Groupon, Best Buy, Fandango,
Barnes & Noble, Foot Locker and more.

Random Contests

Well you can win a phone by just Guessing the name of the phone …..That’s right Check out cell guru’s contest here 



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