Wired Network Device not managed Ubuntu 11.04

This is a common problem in Ubuntu 11.04, I tried to connect via a wired cable and was stunned to find that there was no auto Etho 🙂

After Googling for a while, I came across the solution below, hope it helps you guys

Solution is as follows
Step 1. Open the Network manager conf file

sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

Step 2
Change the below line to true


Step 3
Reboot your System

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  • Ricardo Viana

    Thanks. works fine on Ubuntu 12.04

  • Only problem is the geearetnd code for the buttons is flawed Yeah, someone pointed that out to me, I thought I had uploaded the fix FTP must have gone funky with the Digg effect or something. nice… Any chance for a 64bit variation? Not sure if I am going to do this yet. I think the variants and versions are plenty enough for now. (Nice nick, I almost marked the comment as spam because of it ;))