Xolo q800 Review : The cheapest quadcore phone in India

Xolo q800 Review : The cheapest quadcore phone in India


Finally after a long wait, (3 days but still long for someone as impatient as me) I got my xolo q800 quadcore phone.
xolo q800 review

Xolo q800 Unboxing

Recording +Althea Lobo

Design and usability
 Easy to use , sleak design, comes with a scratch guard as well 🙂

Memory & CPU

The phone comes packed with  a  mediatek  MT6589  1.2 GHz quad-core processor with PowerVR SGX544 GPU and does not lag one bit. Don’t believe me I ll let the Scores do the talking

Xolo q800 antutu Benchmark was right up there at 13354

The Quandrant benchmark puts the phone Just below Asus Tranformer prime.

xolo q800 review

The 1GB ram lets you have enough memory for games and apps at the same time.
You also get 4GB of internal memory with about 2.7Gb available


An 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, The pics were more than decent even for an average photographer like me 🙂


Close up


Front Camera


Low light photography

xolo q800 camera review

Battery life

2100mAh, I am a heavy user , I don’t even close apps :), And game all too often. The battery has still not given up on me

So what’s the final Verdict, This or the Mircomax a116 ?

I would definitely Go for the Xoloq800, Its cheaper, has the same specs, Performs much better (I heard that Mircomax a116 hangs a lot and is very Buggy) and best of all is in stock 🙂


It’s in stock again  at 
Flipkart.com so buy it quick before it goes out of stock.

Out of stock every where else

I got it from MirchiMart.com after it went Out from Flipkart.

I got it for Rs 12229 plus 250 for 3 months EMI  at 4000 rs per month.

It is also available at Amazon India

Check Desidime.com and Ebay for deals

Facebook fan page

Final Verdict
Totally worth It

Update: Due to the Huge number of comments n queries I have added an FAQ post here 

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Update: This phone does support Wifi Hotspot, Goto settings–wireless & networks–more–Tethering & portable hotspot
Slide the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot slider to the side to activate it
Set up the name of your wireless network and create a password

xolo q800 review wifi hotspot

Update : Xolo now has it’s own forums at androidjugaad.com

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  • Hi Leo,

    Thanks for the review.

    I do not see any mention about the above in Xolo website. Also, read in some of the reviews that Q800 does not have the Hotspot and/ or USB Tethering capability? Can you please let me know whether Q800 has got WiFi Hotspot and/ or USB Tethering capability?

    Also, would like to know the Sound quality (both for voice call and music/ videos).

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hey Alex,

    I havn’t tried the wifi, with USb tethering, u mean OTG then I havn’t yet tried that either,

    Wifi hotspot from what i hear is not der, But I don’t really need it

    But with regards to sound it’s very clear, I havn’t had any issues, The music quality is excellent buddy the yamaha speakers are really living up

  • It works with wifi I meant wifi hotspot earlier

  • Thanks Leo.

    I bought one today, but did not get time to explore. However, I checked the Wi-Fi settings, and yes, this phone does have Wi-Fi Hotspot feature.


  • Arindom Das

    You are the only one who has posted a review of the q800 till now. Other websites are just talking about the specs. I just want to know if the google play store is available i the device. If not can it be installed somehow.
    Someone also mentioned that wifi hotspot is not available so can I use other alternative apps from the market. Also can the camera record in 1080p?
    Please reply asap as I will be buying it very soon.

  • How Much is the internal memory in xolo q800.And does it also support highend gemes like modern combat,asplalt 7 etc.

    Thanks In Advance,

  • hey man…. a very nice review!!!
    Are you sure, a 4.5 inch screen guard is shipped with rest of the accessories? Also what abt the sound quality of device?

  • Yeah… you’ve already mentioned… there’s a scratch guard included in the package!!!

  • hey Guys thanks for all your comments, yes I reveiewed it coz no1 else took the initiative

    @Arindom Das yes play is installed, and it can record HD

    Thanks Alex, yes it does support wifi-hotspot

    Bikram Gupta: 4GB internal 2.7 available

  • Arindom Das

    Thanks a lot for the valuable info LEO. You have answered all of my queries. I will be buying the phone on wednesday.
    Some minor queries, please answer if you can:
    1)It is built on MT6589 the same chipset as MMX A116, the chipset supports dual sim active standby so please let me know if it is available in xolo.
    2) It says it can play 1080p videos. That’s fine but will it play 1080p mkv files with the help of other players like mx player if required?
    3) I am also confused between HTC Amaze 4G which is available for around 14k. Which will be a better buy q800 or amaze 4g?

  • Anirdom :1) Yes it supports dual sim

    2) yes it plays 1080p mkv files with the default player

    3) Considering the features and the price go for this buddy, you won’t regret it

  • Anant

    Hello Friend,

    Nice Review! Please add below details too:
    Sound quality in Call & lourspeaker, Music, and ringtone.

    Does Magnetic sensor works?

    Is this Dual sim dual active phone?

    how is the built quality?


  • Anant


    How is the camera? Can you compare the camera with samsung s series phones? Is there auto focus?
    How is the photo quality in night?
    Is there paneroma mode?
    Can we shut the sutter sound off?

    Can we zoom in or out while shooting the videos?

    I have trouble you so much.. Sorry brother? Please help us to buy this phone.

  • Anant : Not prob buddy, that’s the reason I wrote the post to help everyone out.

    Its’s Dual Sim Standby

    Sound quality is excellent, the yamaha sound system really makes a diff

    You can zoom in n out in video mode, the paneroma mode is not there,

    Nigt pic is pretty decent, check th fan page for pics, will try to post some if I can,

    not sure about the sensor buddy will check n get back

  • Hi leo…just wanna know about display and resolution this phone offers…is it at par with canvas hd….or there is considerable differerence in both the phones…?

    Hav to buy a new phone in couple of days.., so plz reply

  • Hello Friend,

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. As you said that it does not have paneroma option in camera. Can we get any apps for fulfilling its absent.

    Anant (Anantkumar)

  • @Jitu: There is not much diff, HD is 5 inches so the view will definitely be bigger but it will drain u battery. Canvas also has a lot of problems and a long wait time to buy. Xolo does not compromise on quality or picture it is an excellent phone for the price so if you are stuck between xolo and HD go for it.

    @Anant: not sure about the app, will check if you can check play store and post the link of the app I can install it n let you know

  • Hi,

    I posted my query on your youtube video comment section but I don’t know why my comment always gets erased so am posting my query here :
    1) The phone is said to have Magnetometer, so did you tried using a Digital Compass? If yes then is it working?
    2) Is Q800 has any notification led near front ear piece?

    Please reply, Thanks!

  • Hi Yes Digital Compass works,
    No notification led near front earpiece

  • Leo!
    Does Xolo Q800 do Full HD videos (1080p)? Also, if you could comment on quality and format (mp4/3gp/avi?) of recorded videos.
    I’ve almost made up my mind for Xolo Q800.

  • Dear Friend,
    Keep posting your daily experience and issues of this phone.


  • It’s 1080p and saves it’s in 3gp format, The picture quality is great and it has HDR, time lapse as will the ability to zoom in/out while recording will post a video if a I get time,

    @Anantkumar: Will be happy to :)please plus one the post though

  • Thanks Leo for sharing all Xolo Q key parameters with us!
    Looks a nice buy and guess what, I’ve already placed order on ManiacStore 🙂

  • Hi Leo G,

    Thanks for replying to my query 🙂
    Can you tell me something about the sound quality of q800 through good quality headphones?

  • Hello Friend,

    Post some colorful pictures by using Xolo q800 camera. The pictures you posted are not that colorful. Also please record an hd clip and post it also.

    Have you notice the battery power? I mean for a general use can it last for 2 days?

    How is the phone vibration power. When I had used Micromax A110 I have noticed that the vibration wasn’t good as like Nokia phones.

    Please try any call recorder and see if it works. Both side voice should be recorded. I die for call recording app. While using Nokia 5233 I have used several call recording apps and some of them had worked well.

    Just visited a mobile store and seen Karboon Retina mobile. It has inbuilt call recording app (in system)


  • Which type of video files are supported by this device???

  • @rohit :Good going you won’t regret it,

    The sound Quality is awesome no noise or disturbance very clear sound, even through hear phones.

    @AnantKumar : will post on the weekend busy with work but you can join the fb page n check, pics are added by others.

    Battery can easily last for 2 days for normal use

    Vibration is as good as nokia.

    Can you suggest a call recording app will install n check it out,

    @sagy All major file types, mp3, mp4, jpeg, 3gp etc

  • Hi,

    I have used Total Recall, Killer Mobile and other call recording apps on Nokia and the same have tried on Micromax A110 but didn’t worked anyone. So download any call recording apps. (Total recall) and test it on Xolo q800 if it works.

  • added a few more close up pics, ok will try call recording n get back

  • Hi,
    Just seen the close up photos.
    The camera has Great picture quality…


  • HI LEO,

  • yes dude it has a front camera

  • Hello Friend,

    Mr. ASHISH has asked that does XOLO Q800 HAS 3G VIDEO DIALER? Means, he is asking that can we make video calls and you said that it has front facing camera… not correct answer…

    Many phones have front facing camera but no video calling option in dialer or in contact settings….

    for video calling we have to use skype… Am I right?

    Correct question is:
    Does it have video calling option in dialer or anywhere?


  • Hi,
    Can we listen FM on loudspeaker mode?


  • Anonymous

    How fast is gps lock?does it support glonass

  • dude, have you tried out any live wallpapers yet?

    if you do, do try the water one – in which reflections or shadows of leaves are there, and waves form when you touch the screen. I fell in love with that one when I saw it for the first time on my cousin’s htc desire 3 years ago.

  • finally bought this phone 🙂
    I am very happy and thank you so much for your help.

  • Your welcome, Anantkumarji,

    Yes it has video calling, and you can listen to fm radio on loudspeaker

  • Smal.

    Please check and let us know whether the xolo Q800 has usb tathering.

  • Yes it does

  • Nirav

    Hi leo can you please tell me whether apps can be transfered to sd card as it has very low memory for high end games.

  • yes they can plz check FAQ’s nirav

  • Anonymous

    hi leo,

    plz tell me about the build quality of this phone.. plastic is cheap or its like other premium brands like htc and samsung..?? coz after few time it can be noticed about the quality..

    and plz tell me about the after sale service (service center)in delhi and ncr of XOLO .. from where to get service ..???


  • The build quality is excellent like the premium brands, with regards to service center not sure if it’s der in delhi, do post on the forums on fb fan page delhi users will definitely help you out, n dont worry you won’t need service as there is no issues with the phone

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