Xolo q800 with super amoled display the Gionee G1 dream

 I found Gionee while searching for the OEM of my phone the xolo q800, and Guess what it has the same specs but with Gorilla Glass and a Super Amoled plus display.

Just imagine the xolo with a super amoled display, i am already tempted to buy this phone, 🙂

You also get a two awesome covers and 16GB memory, yeah Now is’nt that like a total paisa wasool deal?

Don’t belive me check the Unboxing video


Gionee D1 dream review

So What’s the price you ask it’s only  Rs 15,990, Definitely better than micromax and they do provide OTA as well. So overall this is an awesome phone.

Still waiting for them to sell online, have written to them let’s c wat they say.

Images are not mine and are found on the net

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  • dikshit

    gionee d1 sucks when compared to xolo q800 …gionee d1 does not support usb otg (even with third party app it cant suppout usb otg) plus it constantly keeps lagging during normal use…n when ur playing high end games its takes a lot of time in loading the game but once loaded it runs smoothly…n the camera when compared to xolo q800 is bad…coz lot of noice is created in the pic..but video rec is fine in both…

    • Leo

      Thx for the Update Dikshit, Xolo Does not support OTG either, High end games usually take time to load, Can you send us a video of the all the issues you are facing ?

  • dikshit

    you’ll face problems in streaming videos online from a webpage in full screen …

  • dikshit

    you’ll face problems in streaming videos online from a webpage in full screen

  • akki

    Hey guys I need detailed comparison between Gionee Dream D1 vs Xolo Q800….
    I need to buy phone which is under Rs.15000…
    I m confused between these 2 phones…
    I need detailed comparison in terms of:
    1. Processor, gpu, ram, etc
    2. Primary and secondary camera quality ( videos and images)
    3. Performance – UI – Display and media
    4. Sensors and GPS
    5. Battery life
    6. After sale services and service centers(I reside in Mumbai)
    7. Gaming review and other benchmarks…
    8. And at last user reviews and rating..
    Please someone make a good comparison…
    And any other advices n suggestion as you may feel… thanx…

    • Leo

      Go for xolo q800 you can read the complete review here

      The initial reviews of Gionee are not that Good. Still you can check youtube for the video.

      I didn’t need customer service as there is no issue with the phone, I did call them and they replied to my query so the Service is fair, they also come and pick up your phone incase of any problem.

      I don’t know about Gionee, they havn’t sent their phone for review

  • Amit Kumra

    Hi Althea Lobo,

    How do you compare xolo q800 vs Lenevo Ideaphone S890

    Amit Kumra

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